The Kingdom of God
is at Hand!

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After 2000 years, Israel has been restored, as a Jewish Nation, NOW, the path has been initiated for the Temple to be rebuilt...

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The Kingdom is coming

The Gospel, or the good news is simple. The Kingdom of God is at hand! So repent, because it is a Kingdom of Righteousness. When the master of the world, El Elyon, God Most High, returns, will He find faith on the earth? This was Yeshua’s question to his Jewish disciples in many parables. To whom “talents” are given, there is an expectation of investment and return. He espects us to be fruitful with what He has given us.

He made a way for us to be righteous, and to therefore partake in the coming Kingdom! Through Torah who is Yeshua. 

God’s Kingdom is coming to us, and He will rule here on the earth, from the place he has set His Name – Jerusalem. 

Yeshua made it clear, when he spoke to the woman about to be stoned by the crowd, he saved her and then said, “Go, and sin no more.” It is the same thing He says to every person who accepts Him and chooses to be His disciple.

The Gospel is simple. Repent, turn from your sins, because the Kingdom is at hand, and it will be a place without sin. A place where the presence of God dwells.

Imagine a world where you can trust every single person, because they are all righteous. 

The Temple of the Lord was entrusted to the people of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. The purpose is to bring all followers of the Torah to return (T’Shuva) and draw near to G-d.

The Kingdom of G-d

G-d placed Adam and Even in the Garden of Eden with the instructions to “be fruitful and multiply” and to “take dominion” over the creatures and land on earth (Gen 1:28).

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Other Temple Builders