What I'm Thinking...


Creationism AND Evolution

Nova did a wonderful movie on the life of Charles Darwin recently, it was very well done. Darwin's theory challenged the core of belief on how man was created by saying that man was created by evolution. Creationists rejected this idea saying God created Adam and Eve and that's where mankind started. These two opposing views have created lots of controversy ever since. My thought is, why the controversy? Why does God have to clash with science? Why can't creationism and evolution both exist?

God is the ultimate scientist. It took allot of  scientific analysis and intelligent design to create our world plus countless other worlds and everything in them. God is also an infinite God. He is a God with unlimited supernatural power who lives in a different timeframe and place than our 24 hours in a day. God commands the power of the atom, He has created billions of galaxies and their stars. It says in the Bible that to God, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. So what exactly is a day or a year in the life of God? We don't know.

God created the world in 6 days. Could one day in the life of God be 60 or even 100 million years in our time? We know science has proved that evolution exists and we also know that God created the earth. Therefore, I believe God created evolution. Also, other humans had to be on the earth during the time of Adam and Eve, otherwise how did Cain have a wife? Genesis 4:16-17 "So Cain went out from the Lord's presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden. Cain lay with his wife and she became pregnant and gave birth to Enoch." The Bible does not say where the wife came from, so other humans had to be living at the time.

We won't know the answers to all the questions in our lifetime. We will know much more in heaven, when we are given the knowledge God wants us to have, when our then-supernatural minds can handle the information. So let's don't have controversy about one thing or another. Let's just trust God! He's got it all under control.

                                                        Time on Earth         Time in Heaven...     


God is a Democratic God

A few years ago, a friend who is not a believer, asked me why does God allow wars and bad things to happen in the world? I have thought about that question and recently God revealed to me the answer.

God is about freedom and a democracy is about choices and free will. Without the ability to choose between the good or the opposition, which is Satan, there is no free will.  God is not a have-to God, God is a want-to God. God wants us to choose to love and obey him, to come to him willingly and not because we have no other choice. He has allowed the choice to choose good over evil, to choose light over darkness. It is an act of love for God to allow this choice.

What creator would create something and then give what is created the choice to belong to him? God rejoices when we make the right choices and decisions. God grieves over the wrong choices people make and the consequences those bring into their lives and the lives of others. But God can take a bad situation and turn it into good. He can take what the world would consider nothing and turn it into something. Remember when facing life's challenges, Romans 8:28 "All things work for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."

Also, since our brief time on earth is very limited, let's not forget the eternal perspective. During our time here on earth, our decision to accept and believe in Jesus or reject Him determines our outcome for eternity. And eternity is a long time, one could think literally billions of our earth years. The choice we make at some point during our average 70-80 years on this planet, determines where we will live-on supernaturally for billions of years. What do we do? Will it be yes to God or no? Will it be heaven with eternal light and joy or hell with eternal darkness and suffering? It's a slam dunk, I choose God! And remember, if I'm wrong, what I have lost? Nothing. If I'm right and a person rejects God, what have they lost? Everything. What does it take to get to heaven? Romans 10: 9-10. Go get a Bible and look it up.


The Religious Right? Or Wrong?                                                 

As a Christian, who happens to be gay, I believe in the Godly principles of love, humility, integrity, giving and many more. I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the words "Under God" should be there. I also believe now more than ever, there has to be a certain separation between politics and religion. I do not believe God should ever be identified with a specific political group. In recent times, the religious right have been using God and churches as political tools to polarize society and capture votes.

Today's far right has impacted society to believe the only way one could be Christian is to align with the right. This is wrong. This has caused some Democrats, who could have been wonderful Christians, to reject God and has endangered their salvation. Clearly, you can be a Democrat and be a Christian!

The right continues to polarize on issues like abortion and gay marriage. Whether one agrees or disagrees with these issues, these are very personal matters of the individual heart.  All should be legally able to make own their decisions on these matters and their possible consequences.  It is and will ultimately prove to be fruitless to legislate against them.

(The three writings above were finished Nov 1, 2009)


Childlike Faith

Luke 18:16 "But Jesus called the children to him and said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.'  In seeing my little nephew over Thanksgiving, I think about this scripture and how a child has faith in Jesus. A child believes with his full little heart, he believes unconditionally. It's not hard, there is no pretense. Nothing about a child's belief is complicated.  Everything in a child's life is simple and full of joy


This is the way Jesus wants us to come to Him. God asks us to do one thing. Believe. Then be joyful.  Be like a child, have childlike faith. Like Jesus said, "the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."  If we do something wrong or make a mistake, God, our loving parent, through Christ,  forgives.  Think about Jesus, holding you close and gently saying, "I love you, I'll care for you, you are so dear to me. Everything is going to be alright."



A Heart Connection 

Recently the Lord gave me a revelation which is easy to relate to, that I want to share. Think about this. Most every person has a family heirloom or a piece of jewelry that means allot to them due to the special significance behind it. Let’s use the ring above as an example: One person could look at this ring and say, “This is a beautiful ruby ring.” Another person could look at this ring and say, “This ring originally belonged to my grandfather, who gave it to my father. In the last year of his life, my father gave it to me. Whenever I look at this ring, I think of my dad.” To the first, the ring does have value. To the second, there is a heart connection. To the second, the ring is priceless!

The same is true for Jesus. One person could look at Jesus and say, “Jesus was a great teacher who lived 2000 years ago.” Another person could say, “I believe Jesus lived, then died on a cross and gave his life for me. Then he rose again. I love Him, thank Him and praise Him for what he did.  I’ve accepted Jesus as Lord of my life. Because of Jesus, I am saved.” To the first person, Jesus does have value. To the second, there is a heart connection. To the second, much like but even better than the ring, Jesus is priceless! 


Give Hope 

As we start this year 2010, let’s start with a new attitude of giving. Often when we think about giving, we think about money. But there are gifts a person can give that don’t cost anything. Can I name one? Give hope.

Do you know a single mom who is busy all the time with her child, who would love a few hours to herself? Call her and volunteer to help. Give hope. Do you know a senior who is lonely, unable to drive and would love an outing? Call and plan a time out together. Give hope. Do you know a coworker, family member or friend who is going through a tough time, who needs some encouragement? Call or e-mail that person and tell them you are there for them. Give a caring word or a few hours of time. Think about the people in your life and if there is a need, reach out to that need.

In 2010, as our country recovers from past troubles and heals, let us make it a kinder and gentler place. Give somebody something to look forward to. Offer a heart. Give hope.