Many years ago a little lady in Texas named Myrtle lived a quiet life in a small town on the Texas prairie.  Town was within walking distance, she never drove a car, she never needed to.  She was loved by everyone, she always had a smile or funny joke to tell.  She loved to play dominoes and made wonderful chocolate and lemon pies. She left behind a legacy of loving and caring that will never be forgotten.  I will always treasure her in the memories of my heart, she was my grandmother.  


She always went to church but little did we know how much my grandmother loved the Lord.  I'm told something happened one day in her battle with colon cancer after a hospital procedure, when she came out she was speaking in tongues! Towards the end of her life she spent her days writing in praise about Jesus. After she passed in 1976 in her mid-sixties, dozens of worship poems and writings were found here and there, in drawers or stuck in books.  These were compiled into a collection and given to the grandchildren. Little did grandmommy know her seeds of praise would bear fruit in a powerful way in her grandson 33 years later.  Her writings were never published or known, but God knew.  In the quietness of her days, her light of praise and worship shined from her little white house and beamed straight up into heaven to the throne of God.  Halleluhah!  Her poems were filled with versus like:                          

One night I watched the stars

And knew a strange delight

In thinking each a power of the Lord

Shining pure and white

I saw one star grow bright

It's lavish light aflame

And from these blissful heights

Angels praised His name


One of her poems caught my eye. It was about dealing with her own sin.  For all of her quiet simpleness, this poem made me realize, she was a complex lady. She came from the post-civil rights south and there were elements there she dealt with through Jesus.  This poem was started by Myrtle and finished years later by her grandson, it's called "Beyond the Window".

I looked through the window of my soul

It was dirty with things

That made me not whole

A mark of prejudice, a streak of pride

A smudge of anger, so deep down inside


I looked beyond the window

And what did I see?

The face of Jesus, smiling at me               

I opened my window

And let the Lord in

I said yes to Jesus

He forgave my sin


When I think back

How I used to be

A prisoner to sin

And never free

But now I have Jesus

I have faith, not fear

My Lord paid the price

My window is clear

As she knew she was about to leave this earth, Myrtle wrote:  "I am dead now in a sense but too, I live in my posterity - physically. Spritually, I am living with my Savior. But on and on I go in my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is the story of the time I lived, lived a glorious fruitful life on this earth."

As time goes on, more poems can be shared and a tribute, yellow with age, written by her young grandson more than 30 years ago will be given. But this is enough for now.  In closing, remember to value your relationships.  Give the gift of time to loved ones. Tell them you love them. It says in the Bible, honor your father and mother. Can I add, honor your grandfather and grandmother?  They are a gift from the Lord. You never know how they will impact your life decades later.  Thank you grandmommy, I love you.